Re-Opening Update


A big welcome back and thank you!!

Our first two weeks went smoothy, albeit a few glitches in our software program that was easily remedied. All in all  it was very successful.

I personally want to acknowledge my staff they have been amazing, very caring, and spot on as always with our clients in spite of all the PPE’s, protocols and guidelines.

A very big thank you to all our clients especially the ones that had appointments the first two weeks of our re-opening.

The guidelines for us initially stated we could not blow-dry, that was lifted just before we opened. We used that time normally allowed for blow drying to ensure we had the time to properly sanitize and sterilize our tools, all surfaces and allow us a few minutes to catch our breath.

We are now blow drying and the spa is fully open. The services in the spa include manicures, pedicures, all facial and body waxing, facials, body treatments and massage.

We navigated through unfamiliar territory and with the cooperation of all came through those for few weeks successfully.


My Best


Rick Melillo